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Wiring diagram for the Coachman 580, 2016

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Help please. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the Coachman 580,  2016 please.

Brought it back from serving, plugged into the mains at home to find the awning light permanently on.   Off side light (same style as the awning one) is not working at all. You could say one stuck on, one stuck off.  They were both working before service.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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The service centre should sort it as they have caused it. 


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There is a possibility that the battery in your alarm is flat or running low. I've just had this with our Laser which meant that the external light was on permanently. Replaced the battery and all sorted. Can't help with the rear light sorry

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580 is presumably a Vision?   The Coachman spec indicates no off-side  service light (VIP and Laser only) so presume this is a dealer special or custom addition?  The alarm (which can separately control the awning light) is also an option - not sure if you have the alarm fitted?


The normal behaviour is slightly confusing so maybe check the following first:


For the awning light: This can be switched on from the control panel and separately from from the alarm fob.  If EITHER are on, then the awning light will be on.  It is easy to accidentally have activated the awning light from the fob accidentally - the awning light switch on the control panel will then have no effect.  However, power to the awning light through the alarm actually comes from the Aux circuit (i.e. for internal 12v Aux power sockets) which requires the Master Switch to be on.  This can all get a bit confusing until you realise what is going on.  With Master switch ON and Awning Light switch OFF, try toggling the awning light switch on the alarm fob to turn the awning light off.  I find the fob not that responsive sometimes, which confuses things further.  Lastly, if the Master switch is OFF and the Awning Light switch is OFF then the awning light should be off regardless of the alarm fob.  The alarm fob light function operates a relay in the alarm unit - so it is best to ensure it is off when not needed - e.g. to avoid the additional small drain in storage.


For the off-side service light, I fitted one myself but I assume the factory fit uses the lighting circuit so you will need all of Master switch ON, Lights switch ON and the services light switch ON (in top cabinet adjacent to the external light).


Try confirming the above first.


2014 Coachman Pastiche 520/4 | 2013 Freelander 2 HSE

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The wiring diagram for 2020 models is in the Warranty and Service Booklet, perhaps it is in there for your model year also

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