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Fixed Bed Gas Struts - help!

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Bailey Pursuit with fixed bed. 

Gas struts worked fine last year. Van was serviced in June - engineer said as far as he remembered the bed went up and down fine.


Went in couple of days ago, bed was up, went to push it down and was absolutely solid. After pushing and seeing I was going to break something off the bed, I took the struts off. When I put them against the floor and try to compress them I have to use all my strength. Figured they've probably leaked so ordered new ones. These arrived today and are almost impossible to compress.


Anyone any ideas as to why the bed going up and down last year and not this year. Is there some trick with these struts?


Suggestions ideas much appreciated!


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Havent got any magic solution but if the gas strut has ‘degassed’ or failed in some other way Talk to these people, giving the details written on the side of the strut and the key dimensions. There’s an online enquiry form if you prefer. They are quicker and cheaper than caravan manufacturers....and make a good product with guarantee.


sgs engineering

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I needed struts for our Pageant bed and found that the Bailey / Prima spares web site was actually cheaper than after-market. Worth a try, and if you are a CC member there's a discount IIRC.

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