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Thetford Caprice MK3 oven problems. Melting paint.

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We had caravans for years and know all about the oven flame lifting and oven cutting out, I'm also aware of the modification to the rubber seals at the top.  


I have another problem, I noticed the paint between the seal gap at the top center looked greasy and wiped it off, (when the oven was hot.  It was not grease but melting paint.

The flame does go down small once the oven gets hot and I can adjust it to go big again by increasing the gas mark setting.


I've added a picture. Van is 2016 Unicorn which has just been serviced.


Caprice MK3.JPG

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10 hours ago, Paul1957 said:

Has it always had a gap in the seal, I can not remember seeing one in our caravan.

ours has it as well but no paint problems.


2018 Volvo V90 and 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB

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This is common on those builds.


My last two Unicorn Valencia's did this.  I did same - wiped with a tea towel - never to come off it again!


I think perhaps if you have oven high e.g. gas 7 - it melts and then sets again - if you wipe it off - it's gone I'm afriaid - at least it can't melt again.


Noticed on my new van 2020 - there is a rubber seal all across top of oven now - and also has a cooling fan when oven or grill gets hot.


Perhaps they have special touch up paint for it - but guess it will melt again.


I wouldnt worry about it 

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On 20/07/2020 at 22:20, Paul1957 said:

Has it always had a gap in the seal, I can not remember seeing one in our caravan.

I checked our oven last week and saw there is a gap in the seal at the top but no paint problems. Our previous caravan did not have a gap and as the oven heated up the seal got a bit longer and would hang down in the middle at the top.


Our oven has a cooling fan at the top of the casing which has a temperature switch near it. Once the oven is hot the fan can be heard switching on and off. The first fan failed within 12 months so was replaced under warranty. The second did not last too long either so I got the next one from RS and it has lasted quite a few years. The fans are similar to the type used to cool a computer and are easy to replace, from memory it needs the oven pulling out a bit to get to it. The fan can be tested by bridging the temperature switch connections with the caravan 12 volt main switch on.

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