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240V to 12V – Touring Van now static, no battery

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I hope you're all well.


I have an interesting problem to solve. Wife is using our 1992 Abbey Piper as a sewing room, and the van will never tour again (we're getting a new tourer). The Abbey Piper is marooned on our land, so can't be moved away (in fact, when it reaches the end of it's life, it will need to be dismantled and taken away piece by piece).

We have removed the leisure battery (no charger came with the van), and the power is now permanently 240v AC. But as you know, on older vans the lights are generally 12v DC. (Note: We no longer have a three way fridge, just a 240V AC one).

I would like to get a transformer to power:


1. Lights
2. A car hifi unit and speakers

3. A 12V 'cigarette lighter' socket for pumping up tyres on the van from time to time.


Can anyone recommend a 240V AC > 12V DC that would do the job please?


Thank you in advance :-)




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I would be inclined to use the sort of transformer sold to power 12v cool boxes from mains voltage. A 10 amp one should cost under £20 and supply enough current for what you need. With the unit unplugged cut the cigarette lighter socket off leaving enough cable to connect it to your existing 12v fusebox then connect the lighter socket to a spare outlet on the fusebox and fuse it to 10a


be careful, some of the cheaper ones around are only 5a, 10 would be better. 


something like this


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You can get some victron chargers that have a PSU mode. Plug one end into the mains and the other to where the 12v outlet to where the charger used to connect too.

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