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Charger for my Wilk

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I am a new owner of a Wilk S4 450 HTD caravan from 2009. Unfortunately the installed battery was not the best, so I have bought a new Optima AGM yellowtop 55Ah. There is a charger installed behind the car heater under the closet (Shenzen Ritar Power). I am not able to find any info on this charger, but it is supposed to have 230 V input. Output is 13.8 V increasing to 14.2 V, 12 A.

Question is if a ccharger like this is the best for the new battery or I am better of by installing a more modern one (thought of a Ctek MXS 5.0 A charger)? Or will the original charger be good enough baring in mind that it is constantly on while plugged into 230 V.

Regards Hans

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For information, Hans is like a mid morning snack. He's Danish!:welcome:


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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