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our caravan last year was being prepared for winter close down ( unusual for us but... ) we have a sink unit in the washroom with a cupboard under the sink . the wife was clearing this cupboard & comented on the cardboard wrapping on items being damp. Testing the floor gave a reading of ---- 44% ! 

Having removed all items we put a moisture unit in place, this over the week collected a fair amount of water but the damp remained high, though the back wall gave a reading of 9.5 % the floor was showing 40%.

Through winter i battled on --Some days the reading was slightly higher than other days but i was not making much headway though the resevoir on the damp unit was collecting water. Spring came & so did covid 19, after lockdown no visits ( caravan is in storage 7 miles away ) I was lying awake at 4 a.m. ( side efect of medication ) that the wheels started turning. Towards the end of last year coming back from a rally we found a bottle of stralising fluid had fallen over & leaked over the cuboard floor. we dried up the floor & left it to dry.

As i was at my whits end to understand why we were getting high readings despite the lack of rain in the North west.  I wondered...........

went out to the van ( its stored at a livery /fishing place--15 cars at fishing ponds & people having riding lessons today ....... ) a check with the damp meter showed  a high of 44%  --- i put my plan into action- i cleaned the cupboard floor with white spirit followed by soapy water & drying off. Here it was a very hot ( 83 deg in van ) so it dried out quickly. Out with the meter & going over the area that had recorded 44% i got a reading of------- 12.5% !  what ever was in the stralising fluid had dried out & left a ( invisable ) coating on the floor-- this "fooled" both an old type meter & a modern contactless one . So --- we had sky high readings indicating damp that wasnt there !

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I had accidentally spilled a glass of water in our caravan and it run along the wall and under the wall board and I never thought anything more about it about but 8 months later the caravan had it's annual service and the service engineer workshop said they had changed the rubber seals around the toilet door under manufacturers warranty as the wall has a elevated damp and then a year later they remarked again there was a very slight raise in levels in the area . I thought strange then suddenly I remembered the accident with a glass of water and it had soaked all the lagging behind and slowly coming out trying to dry out .




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Went out to the van yesterdaay & did a ckeck, the area that gave a reading of 12.5% last week is now showing 11.5%. can only think that the floor was not fully dry last week after my washing it.

the reason for posting this ( and the above ) is to make people aware that there MIGHT be other causes giving high readings besides damp !

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Skoda Scout 4x4 pulling a coachman Amara 520/4 at 93%---- when full!

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The worst offender for a false High damp reading is the fluid that collects in the bottom of moisture traps. It is virtually impossible to get back to low readings.

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