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Tyre blowout floor damage repair

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Today I finally decided to tackle the nearside floor damage caused a number of years ago when my brother in law had a high speed blowout (incidentally it was no drama and Tyrons would not have prevented the damage lol).


The repair method is the same as if the floor needed to be replaced because of damp, often found on the corners of a van so I thought I'd post pictures in case anyone is interested.


I shaped a new section of ply to cover the area and used it as a template to cut around, removing the damaged ply with my multi-tool cutter. I painted all the surfaces liberally with delamination resin and sealed the joins with aluminium tape to keep the resin in. Next I screwed on some temporary bracing timber to get everything nice and flat. In one area I had a cluster of screws close together to try and pull the bottom ply down, will see how successful this proves to be.


From the inside, although space was limited behind the fridge, I drilled a couple of 8mm holes and filled them with resin before plugging the holes with dowels. I only needed to drill the top ply then used a screwdriver to reach the bottom ply. No danger of breaking through that way.


I panel beat the wind deflector back into shape ready to fit tomorrow when the timber comes off.







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Nice bit of work 


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All finished.

Took a few minutes to descale and paint the brake drum with black Smoothrite before putting the wheel back on.





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