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I thought I would share my lockdown project (pun intended)


Last year my caravan door lock jammed in the unlock position. A warranty job fixed that but the lock was extremely stiff and I was worried it would happen again.


I ordered a new lock barrel and keys off eBay but couldn't get the same number barrel as the rest of the caravan so that would mean 2 different keys which I didnt like the idea off


The lock and keys I ordered can be seen in the photo below



I then ordered a hartal lock barrel removal tool, which looks a bit like a key.





You put the removal tool into the barrel of the caravan door. Give it a slight twist and pull the whole lot out of the door handle (it only works on unlocked doors)




It turns out that the lock I removed was damaged so it's a good job I decided to replace it when I did.




Because I wanted to have only one key for all the locks I decided to pull out the pins from my original lock and put them into the new lock I had just bought.


There are 8 pins in each lock ,(4 pins on each side) and these can be removed by pulling them out with a pair of pliers.




Once you have removed all the pins from both locks, keeping them in the correct order you can then insert the old pins into the new lock just by pushing them into place.


Although in all honesty once you see how the locks work you could have given me all the pins jumbled up in a pile and it would only have taken 10 minutes of trial and error to get them in the correct place.


This then allows you original key to be used





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See if you can get a small tub of graphite powder. Take the barrel back out and use a small amount to lubricate each wafer.   Don't use too much or it will end up in your pocket when you withdraw the key. 

A seemingly problem free 2010 model Adria Altea 542dk that has more than its fair share of use.

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I have done thanks. I put some in the other day. A good tip though 

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