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Removing a bedroom wall

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Hi. I'm new to static caravans, and to this site. My wife and I have just bought a nice static which we intend to use frequently, as we are both retired now. Our Atlas Everglade is clean, tidy and well equipped, and it's on a nice quiet site, but the main bedroom is a little small, and we were wondering if it's possible to "knock" the two rear bedrooms into one, by removing the seperating wall. This would enable us to fit a bespoke double bed, has anyone on this forum done this, or thought of doing it ? Thanks in advance.

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Most of us have touring caravans so I'll move this post to the static section. 

The worry will be if the wall to be removed is load bearing in any way? I really don't know how statics are designed but you need to take care. 


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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If you have a "park home" type static is is probably possible, as the internal walls are rarely load bearing. Park homes get modified quite a lot without any problems.

Usually, the electric lights are wired down the walls from the ceiling, and the electric sockets are wired up the walls from the floor, so if the wall you want to move/remove has light switches or sockets you need to think about how the wiring will be shifted.

Your best bet is to contact the manufacturer (tell them the model and year of manufacture) and and ask them directly. You may have to wait till the "lockdown" is over for an answer.

Also check with your site, as they may have specific stipulations about who can carry out this type of work - there are safety aspects if electrics are being touched, and waste disposal aspects if the innards are being taken out. And it will very probably devalue the static itself.


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