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Hi guys.


we have recently acquired a 1998 swift corniche 15/2E.


i have found out it has an onboard water tank but it didn’t come with the pump. Can anyone tell me what kind of pump this is and where I can get one? Hey thanks   

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With an inboard tank you may have either one or two pumps. A photo of the water inlet would give an idea of this and what type of submersible pump would have been fitted. Do you have a changeover switch or valve to swap between inboard and outboard tanks?

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I am not familiar with this. I assume it's a caravan, not a motorhome.

If a van, the tank will be the hot water one that is filled by an external tank using an external pump.

You will need an Aquaroll or similar external tank and a submersible pump.

This same external pump and tank also supplies the cold water system.


You need to take a photo of the connection point on the outside of the van and take this into a van spares supplier who will be able to identify which one you need and be able to sell you one, together with the Aquaroll.

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Daveat92 may have a point, the inboard tank could be the water heater! A photo of it would help! 

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Your Swift Corniche did come fitted with an insulated fresh water tank. You would find much information about this in your handbook. If you do not have one I suggest you download the 2000 Swift Owners Handbook from the link in the thread above your own or here https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1/acc-jqzwj/Swift/handbooks/pdfs/000/000/012/original/9830006_Caravan_Owners_Hbook_2000.pdf?1472743463

The handbook for the 1998 range is not available on line but when Swift is back in operation you can email them and they will normally send you a photocopy.

The 2000 range will be very similar to your own van and info on the water system is shown from page 22. You can buy the necessary pumps etc from any decent caravan accessory shop or on line from people such as Leisureshop direct etc.

Hope this helps

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Have the same van a 1995 version. Assuming you are talking about the underslung tank, it is indeed an onboard water tank. it should have an external drain hose that looks similar to waste hose obviously with a tap on it. if you look in the bed box at front o/s (by Fridge) in the front RHS it has a cover under this you van see the top of a small part of the tank.  There are two connections one with (i think) 3 wires that's the level control the other takes a submersible pump. similar to one put in water carrier. the switch on the panel allows to switch between internal and external pump. be aware there is no cut off when filling tank water will come out of overflow underneath when full. Hope that helps. 




With cover on




Without cover see top of tank




Type of pump you need


Please excuse mess, the tap/ valve u can see in pipework is none standard, i added to isolate tank and run from aquaroll  when suited.

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I in my mid 30's and caravan with my caravaning cat all year.  Honda CRV '65' Plate 1.6 Diesel towing Swift Corniche 15/2E 1995  Hyundai Santa Fe towing Adria Dart (with weight upgrade to 1800 kg)

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