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Has anyone had any dealings with this company based just off the A1 not far from Grantham?

Have seen them from the A1 on the way home from Yorkshie. 

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Not had dealings but I think you mean the one at Elkesley where a new bridge going over the A1 has been constructed.  The caravan place is on the south bound A1. 

Hope this helps with directions. 


You did mention Grantham, I can say say we have had dealings with Grantham Caravans and have purchased three vans from them.   Easy to get to if you are travelling up the A1 as their site is only a couple of miles off it.  



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I bought my swift off of them last year,  they are based near Retford.  What would you like to know.


It's a family run business. The guy who owns it used to work for Swift. The reason I bought from them was two fold. Firstly they had the caravan I wanted and secondary they offered me a better part ex price then two other dealers had.


They don't offer finance directly but do suggest a lender called paragon finance which I ended up using as they offered a better interest rate than any other loan I could get from a bank, but obviously the choice is yours on that front.


Caravans UK were very pleasant. I've been back once for a warranty claim which they sorted promptly so no complaints from me on that front. 


I hope that helps.


This is the one I bought


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Thank you for all your replies.  Danuk you are right, this is the company I was asking about. Have seen Caravans Uk many a times when  on the A1 going home  . Seen the reviews, just trying to get my caravan mojo back. Their prices seem reasonable. 




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