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Power my 12v TV from solar panel or battery?

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Hi. My first post. In self isolation in a small caravan . I have  added a solar panel , purchased a 12v TV and wondering what is the best way to power it? 
Do I connect the TV using the cigarette socket ? If so shall I connect the socket to the leisure battery or to the outlet on the solar panel controller? 
Or is better to use the Pure Sine Wave controller and plus the TV in using the normal 3 pin plug? 
Any advice would be helpful. Thank you


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To add photos of my setup
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Your solar panel should be charging the battery and if you've got a 12v TV then the TV should be connected to the battery. 


Do not connect the TV directly to the solar controller or panels. There must always be a battery connected to bring the voltage down to around 12-14 volts.


What sort of solar controller have you got, some do have a 12v load output which allows you to run a load and will usually protect the battery from over discharge by shutting the load off if the voltage gets too low but it still must have a battery connected to the battery terminals.


A Solar panel can push out up to 22v which is likely to damage the TV 


If you use an inverter you'll waste energy when it converts 12v to 240v and the even more when the TV power unit converts it back to 12v so use 12v directly if you can

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Thanks matelodave for the quick reply. I have a  CMG 2420 controller which has an extra 12v output for charging devices . see pic attached. I will go with your advice as it makes sense to have it connected to the battery as per manufacturers recommendation. 


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Connect the tv to the battery. The load output on your controller should only be active when the controller has excess electric that it can't charge the battery with.

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I have an 40 Watt folding solar panel and spent 3 very sunny days off grid.


I ran the TV off the 12 volt socket for about 8 hours a day with no problems at all.


Although the days were hot in the sunshine, the gas heating was required in the chilly evenings, which required 12 volts for the fan.


I did a report here


You will have no problems at all - as long as the sun shines!

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As Matelove says; perfectly well described and I wouldn't bother with an inverter unless you were desperate!

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