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Unicorn III locker door and curved door gaps

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Sat here, looking at the gaps at the bottom of the lockers doors on our 2017 Unicorn III, thought to myself, surely they are not supposed to be like that, you could actually see the clothes in the lockers above the bed. I had a look at how they had been fitted. Oh dear, come on Bailey boys such poor workmanship and attention to detail. They would never get away with this sort of workmanship if they were fitting kitchen cuboards!!!

Anyway dead easy to fix, just needed the hinges that are screwed to the actual door, positioned a little bit. Just as easy for the Bailey boys to have done this right as to do it wrong.

I even moved up the curved cuboard door, that is just to the right as you enter the caravan, it had a gap at the top of about half inch, not good to look at

I was going to put some before and after pictures, but can't seems work out how to do it.

It looks so much better now with all these doors nicely lined up tight at the bottom.

Bailey need to tighten up on their quality control that's for sure.

I know some will think I'm too fussy, but with this period of self isolation it was bugging me. lol.

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A caravan is a hand made item and not produced by a robotic system so you are going to get these sorts of issues. They are not exactly serious are they? I do accept they are a little annoying though. 


I am happy to accept that any new caravan is going to need a need a little bit of “fettling” and I rather enjoy making sure everything is “just right” 


If you are not prepared to accept the niggles then can I suggest you purchase something like an Airstream which probably doesn’t suffer in the same way but DOES cost vastly more? 


I appreciate that’s not what you want to hear and would rather I said something along the lines of “Utterly disgraceful, they should be keel hauled for such atrocious behaviour” But I live in the real world.



Experience is an awful teacher who ends up sending you simply horrifying bills

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PLOD I was not asking for your opion on the matter, just stating a rather sad fact. I do expect a £20k hand build product to be finish to an acceptable standard, not have serious issues  with poorly aligned and fitted lockers, after all, the Unicorn is supposed to be Baileys top of the range model. (Never been in an Airstream) 


I can't help the comparison to a fitted kitchen cabinet bought for as little £200 and would not find it acceptable to have a gap at the top or bottom of the door and I would not consider it enjoyable to have to take all the hinges off and reposition them, to make things look just right.


As I bought the caravan as nearly new, I kind of accepted that, what, was, is!


Regards not being prepared to accept little niggles of course I do, but I consider niggles to be something like a blind not closing properly, water pump needing ajusting that sort of thing, certainly not having to refit 10 locker doors.


Just reiterating what I say in my opening para I was not asking you to join me in in saying " Bailey need to improve on their quality control" just stating a fact. I don't think I would say they are utterly disgraceful, atrocious and need keel hauling (an old saying that)


In MY real world, good standards are to be  expected as a norm, why accept shoddy workmanship (it was not accepted in my work place) for our hard earned money.


If Bailey don't pay attention to their quality control, they will loose out to the likes of Swift, Because people with my level of standards will stop accepting poor value for money.


Anyway we have been long time Bailey owners, new and used and we do not want to see the quality bar lowered.


How do I add pictures to posts, anyone know?

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Hi Cavalier

I  have copied the following, from the Caravantalk guidelines webpage, which may help.




Either use the "Reply to this topic" box at he head of the thread or scroll to the last post and click in the "Reply to this topic" box. Type your response in the text box. You can drag small images etc., into the attach file box, or click on "choose files" to browse your computer for a file. By placing the cursor in the text box and then clicking on the plus symbol of an attached file, that file will be inserted into the post at the cursor location.

To quote a link to another URL from a word in your reply. Highlight the address to link to and copy to the clipboard, then go to your text reply and highlight the word to be used for the link. Click on the chain link icon at the head of the text box, and in the popup window, paste the link from the clipboard into the "URL" box and click "Insert into post".

Finally click on "Submit Reply" to upload your post. If you notice an error, you have 30 minutes in which to edit the post, after which it will be locked for editing. 


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Thew boxes are I understand a Thetford product and it is possibly them that are at fault but even so this should be picked up before delivery or at the PDI stage. I do not accept that you should have to accept these faults and you would be well within your rights to make the dealer fix them if you spotted them before delivery. After delivery it is probably one of those things you do because it is easier than towing it back, which is why we  get the faults left in the first place.

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PDI is a joke. I know my used 'van, bought in 2013, did not have it done as I found 2x £1 coins under the seats :)

Retirement, the best job I've ever had. The only problem is, I don't get a day off.

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Our Bailey was well made and no issues with locker doors. I would say our Bucanneer is even better made though. The sealant on Bus is applied so beautifully. I spent hours cleaning it off our Pegasus.

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I think our Cartagena is basically well built, and as I bought it at 3 years old, it seems in really good condition. Had I bought it from new would not have accepted the poor fit of the locker doors, one scue whiff the others all with different gaps at the bottom.

A couple of things I would like to do: move the cup holder, the wife finds it difficult to reach because the stick out sink gets in the way and I would like to extend the LED lights so they completely surround the roof light feature.

This seems to be held up by strong Velcro  and pop studs. Don't think I will try pulling it down till get some guidance from some one that knows.

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Managed to upload a couple of before and after pictures


Before and after of locker doors over seats in longe area



Curved door with gap at the top




All ten locker doors had gaps, the problem was they were  all different, the ones over the bed were massive, the clothes could poke out under the door.

one of the long cupboards at the foot of the bed was scewed, bigger gap at one end than the other. Anyway all sorted now.

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We've had our U3 Cadiz for five years and haven't had any problems, I've done a couple of minor mods, extra power sockets at the front, remote temp sensor and modded the useless wine bottle holder to make a beverage cupboard just by adding a couple of shelves (we'll miss it when the Cadiz gets replaced with a new Estoril)


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2018 S-Max Titanium 2. 0 Tdci (177. 54bhp,180ps,132kw) Powershift + 2015 Unicorn III Cadz, Ventura Marlin porch awning

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