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West Bay Parkdean advice please

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Ive had many happy holidays with my parents in a static at West Bay when I was a youngster(many years ago now) but we have booked 5 nights in our tourer at the above site in August.

Were going with my wifes boss and husband(they have a motorhome) and they have stayed there a couple of times and reckon its great.

However,ive been reading various reviews,some good some bad,and was wondering if anyone on here may have stayed there in a tourer and your thoughts please.

A few of the bad points ive read include,

Very steep to get up to the pitch and sometimes a bit tight to manoeuvre van onto pitch.

A few very muddy pitches.

Poor site lighting at night.

Toilets/showers not always up to standard.

I mean,were going anyway,but your thoughts appreciated 

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I've only been to one Parkdean site, but had been going there once, or twice a year since 1976, when it was a family run site. Loved it.


But when Parkdean took it over, site tidiness took a dive, the prices of food and drinks substantially increased, security was non-existant, with travellers setting up there, with all the resultant aggravation, theft  and mess, entertainment went from good to awful.


Not been back there since. 


It may well be that the rest of the company's sites are run better, but I won't ever consider going to them, until I read lots of good reviews.


It would be interesting to hear how your stay goes.



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Over the years we have been to 4 of their sites, in Scotland, Yorkshire and Wales and have not had any problems with any of  them. Our dog, on the other hand, did not like Sandylands due to the touring area being about 30 feet from a VERY busy railway line.:rolleyes:

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I`ve walked through the site many times we use Highlands End, toilet blocks look on the old fashioned side and the roads up to the pitches are on the steep side but wouldn't concern me except toilets are at bottom you should get a good view from the upper pitches over West Bay, access to pitches appears no worse than many sites. Short walk into West Bay, choice of pubs and eateries, Rachels is one of the best of the fish stalls you can sit at for the usual fish & chips also fish stew, chowder etc.

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Thanks for replies.

Looks like we will have to see what happens when we get there.

Many years ago(before Parkdean) my parents always used to book the same static every year from the same woman.

It was a lovely site years ago and I remember I used to spend most of my holiday there helping "Doug" who used to hire out his rowing boats on the other side of the harbour.

Every year there was a fair across the little bridge where the cafeteria is.


What great holidays ive had at West Bay.

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