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CMC Fuel discount now going to Fuel Pecker???

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29 minutes ago, LouisG said:

Has anyone used the Petrol Prices app? I had a look at the price today and if I deduct the 4p off Diesel from the closest Esso garage its 3p cheaper than the supermarkets and the fuel doesn't ruin my new car. 


I spoke to the CMC about this change and they said that they requested this change because they were getting so many complaints about people saving less than 2p on occasions. 


Why does everyone moan about the price of fuel yet when an offer comes about for all of us to save money on fuel for free everyone complains about it. Please do not ruin this great offer for the rest of us! 


We save approximately £74 since Dec 2018.  Average savings has been about £0.06 a litre.  For quite a few weeks the savings was 2p a litre or less so hardly worthwhile when other fuel stations(not supermarkets) were cheaper.  At the moment the savings is over £0.10p per litre.  We are filling up both vehicles this week.

IMHO although there were plenty of hassles with Pump King, eventually it settled down.  Unfortunately with Pump Pecker I doubt if we will save as much, but obviously can only tell after a year when I cna check my records.

Probably by that time, CMC woudl have moved to another discount card!  LOL!

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Just a follow up to confirm that, although I am no longer a member of the CMC, I have received and registered my new Fuelpecker card.

Their support was very good and I got the impression that they were happy to enrol anyone as my old CMC Esso card number was not requested.

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