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Hello from Spain, Bailey Senator Vermont

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acabo de comprarla de segunda mano y ando bien perdido ,me he cuidado de que no fuese robada y tiene toda la documentacion , me asusta el tema del robo de caravanas tan inmune ,  es inglesa y no trae manuales , asi que ando muy perdido , no se nada , aguas grises , aguas negras , alarma , horno trivalente , placas solares , calefaccion , aire acondicionado , frigorifico , tomas de agua , electricas , ¿como cuando para que? , si alguien pudiese echarme una mano se lo agradeceria mucho , no se ni sacar la escalera , ni la rueda de recambio , NADA , gracias de antemano por tener un sitio donde consultar mis dudas.

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Unfortunately this site uses English language only, using an online translator before posting would be helpful.




perrolobbo said:-

I just bought it second-hand and I am very lost, I have taken care that it was not stolen and has all the documentation, I am afraid of the subject of the theft of caravans so immune, it is English and does not bring manuals, so I am very lost, no I know nothing, gray water, sewage, alarm, trivalent oven, solar panels, heating, air conditioning, refrigerator, water outlets, electric, how when what for? If someone could lend me a hand I would appreciate it very much, I don't know how to take the stairs, nor the spare wheel, NOTHING, thanks in advance for having a place to consult my doubts.



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