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Concerning the ARC app…….So,wondering if any of you can advise with regard to the following sound problem. I have a Lunar Cosmos 462 (a dealer’s version of the Quasar 462). It has a sound system - it’s a Pioneer - basically like a car music system. I’ve been connecting my iPhone to it to play via Bluetooth - all so far so good. However, while my iPhone could play music, move to the next track etc, it couldn’t adjust the volume (I know - it’s awful - I’ve actually had to stand up and adjust the volume manually). Anyway, Pioneer have an app called ARC that is supposed to manage music from iPhone to device. And it does - with ARC I can adjust the volume from my iPhone. Now here’s the problem. My iPhone was a 5 SE and I’ve just updated to an iPhone 8. I can still Bluetooth in the caravan. However, while ARC will play, skip etc etc, it now won’t let me change volume. My iPhone screen suggests that ARC is not connected; the iPhone is though as music plays through. Does anyone know if this is an ARC problem or an iPhone problem? Has anyone experienced this and come to a solution?


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