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Alde Leak Detector 4071

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No.  £54 is a lot to spend only to discover you don't have a leak!  Soapy water is cheaper or you can buy leak-detector aerosol cans.


They are mandatory on river and canal boats that have LPG and on fishing vessels over 10m.  But a caravan's pipework is less vulnerable and caravans don't have bilges in which gas could collect.  If you really want one, fit it immediately AFTER the regulator.  And then test for leaks with soapy water!:D

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What kelper said,  :goodpost:

But not necessarily mandatory on boats. With the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), if a BSS tester isn't gas certified/qualified, then he can test for leakage if a bubble tester is fitted, If he's certified, then a bubble tester isn't required.

We run a fleet of 32 narrow boats and as we have a two gas certified staff, then bubble testers aren't required for leakage when doing disconnection or modifications to the LPG gas system. Confusing at the best of times lol :D.

2019 Adria Adora Thames

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