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Rear window leaking

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Good evening. I'm after some advice/ help please. 


I have an Elddis Sunseeker 180 and my rear window is leaking. If it's fully closed the water runs down the inside of the window from the top in 2 places and settles on the bottom of the frame and eventually runs down everywhere else. If I leave it slightly open then the water runs straight out again but that is starting to cause issues with damp whilst parked up for the winter. Obviously I want to get this fixed so any advice appreciated. 


I've cleaned all the seals with a toothbrush and soapy water and can't see any obvious leaking signs or damaged seals. 


Do I need to remove the window and replace seals or can I just reseal around the windows?  Can I get a recommendation for a Sealant aswell please? 


Many thanks 

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It is difficult to say without seeing it, but if the rubber seal is intact, then the sealant around the frame could be the problem. If that is it, the window needs to be removed, the old sealant removed completely and new sealant applied. 

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