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Toilet/Shower room


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We have a 2012 Lunar Ariva and the all in one plastic basin/cupboards/shower tap mount is starting to crack in many different places.

I have not tried Lunar but I suspect a replacement unit would not be available, does anybody know of a company that if I removed the unit could repair the cracks?


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Our Lunar shower tray split in a few  places. In the end our local Caravan Medic replaced it. Was cheaper replacing it than having it Speedcoated

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On 23/11/2019 at 19:02, Black Grouse said:

O'Leary Motorhomes are good for components https://www.olearymotorhomes.co.uk/


Thank you Black Grouse, O'Leary Motorhomes had the basin unit in stock at £184.99 compared to a quote from Swindon caravans for the Lunar part at £763!!! (not fitted)

It entailed a 500 odd mile 11 plus hour round trip as they considered it to fragile to courier but worth it.






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