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Bailey unicorn Seville S2 exterior replacement bulb kit

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I am a novice and finding Bailey unicorn Seville S2 exterior replacement bulb kit on the internet is like trying to find hen's teeth.

Any help here is appreciated please?

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Is there something special about the bulbs?

I've always found caravan bulbs traffic road lights be be normal car bulbs available anywhere so should be easy to make your own kit up.

Regards, David
Ford Kuga ST line 2ltr. Diesel 2017,  Bailey Pursuit 11 400/2 2018, Emove em303 motor mover, Hyundai 1000i Generator.

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Baileys Technical Service manual usually lists the bulb types and Watt ratings. 

Most are standard car types but some may be led and non-replaceable. 

Kits of bulbs are usually expensive cf buying a couple of what you need (and the bulbs for a towcar may suit the caravan as well?).  Which reminds me I think I need to get some 21W clear bulbs having replaced a failed car brake lamp a few weeks ago from my stock of bulbs.



2012 Bailey Pegasus 2 Rimini towed by 2019 Ford Galaxy Titanium X, 2.0 EcoBlue, 8 speed auto.

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We are talking a Unicorn S2 here. Since the Unicorn first came out in 2011 we are talking 2012-2013 vintage which will almost certainly be all conventional bulbs. Heavens, we have a S4 (first out Sept 2017) and it has all normal rear bulbs bar the high level brake light which is LED.

2018 Passat B8 Estate 150GT TDi150 towing a 2018 Bailey Unicorn S4 Seville

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Take a trip to your local Halfords, there you will find all sorts of bulbs. 


Take one each of the bulbs out of your caravans lights and buy a spare or two of each! They are identical to car bulbs.



Experience is an awful teacher who ends up sending you simply horrifying bills

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