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B+E driving license training on weekends?

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Needs to upgrade my driving license with the trailer test to get the B+E license before picking up the new van.

Does anyone know any driving school that does courses on weekends?

Working abroad at the moment and need to fly to the UK for this and don't care much where it is.

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Hello I would recommend Peter Smythe  transport training near Mansfield , you do your training on Saturday or Sunday and then test on Monday .

He is on trucknet if you want go on there , and then can find out a bit more about his pass rate and the whole experience.

They have there reversing area and is also a test site.

Please feel free to mention my name as I worked for him.

Good Luck



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I remember when they used to do HGV parking practice in Mansfield rugby Club car park.


Another local Notts training company are Diamond Training out at Newark on Trent. I know they do weekends because they have been getting in the way all weekend whilst staying up that way. Not sure they are aware of towing speed limits though, as one passed us whilst we were doing 69 solo on the A1 today.

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