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Front window trouble

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The front skylight window cord on the blind has frayed on our 2018 VIP and is showing the steel wire. It's stopping the blind from closing. Has anybody else had same trouble? 


I've altered the title so that it refers to the content, shifted the post to the Coachman section and amended the content in line with what I think the OP is asking. SDA

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Friend of mine had exact same issue.

Dealer repaired it under warranty but made a complete hash of it, causing damage and scratching to the surrounds and the grey panels down the outside edges of the front windows, which had to be removed for some reason.


He ended up trading it in for a 2019 model, with the Dealer offering a better trade-in deal than he would have otherwise got.

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Yes had mine replaced under warranty also. Mine only lasted 2 months  

when I went to pick it up after it was replaced I tried it and wouldn’t close all the way down 

They said it was a nightmare to replace and wasn’t very happy it had to be done again

think it’s always going to be a problem the cords are a Weak point I try not to use mine to much


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