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Hymer sliding door handle

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I bought a 2016 Hymer Nova 580 caravan this year.  It is in very good condition as you might expect.  However, en route in Deeside Scotland something happened to the bathroom sliding door.  I believe I had it shut/locked and the twisting roads in Scotland must have unlatched it (latching mechanism not great).  At any rate, when I arrived on site, I discovered the door closed and 'stuck', the handle broken, and when I eventually managed to open the door the back runner hinge was also broken and lying on the floor.  I have managed to locate a hinge (eku clipo 15, I believe) but don’t know the handle manufacturer.  Hymer want about £25 plus vat for it.  

I have reconstructed the handle (glue and longer screws) but I doubt it’s longevity.  Any suggestions.  Can anyone identify the handle from diagram below.


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We have a 590 and the sliding door is a thing of great beauty.  Shame it doesn’t actually work.  I have lost count of the number of hours I have spent trying to adjust the hangers.   I have replaced these, but they are not cheap.  About £12 if iirc.  But what ever I did it was either locked you in or so loose the door would swing madly about.  

Our handle was replaced under warranty.  But I repaired the original by drilling the part takes the screws and replacing them with machine screws.  

My solution is as follows.  I placed a piece of wood behind the door so that in the full open position it doesn’t mean the first hanger doesn’t slam into the stop in the rail and break, when you take a bend at 40mph.   We wedge the door open by placing the clothes bag there not pretty but works.  


Sorry that this isn’t very helpful but I just wanted to say, you are not alone. 

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Edit: Just searched my mail and I got my hangers from here. T&S Architectural
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Investigating this now.

There are screw things on the hangers at the inside top of the sliding door, but I haven't played with these yet.


It seems that over time the door moves slightly so that the pin doesn't quite align with the hole in the door jamb.

Given the bullet head profile, this means that when the door shuts the pin will force its way in by deflecting the door slightly then not allow the door to open again without a lot of huffing and swearing.


We have an object to sit between the door and the jamb when on site and a folding plastic stool which fits neatly into the door opening when traveling.


Anyone tried the vertical adjustment?


The alternative would be to modify the catch plate to slide up and down.

Strangely, one of the three screw holes is a slot which would allow adjustment if only the other two were also oval and the recess in the wood had some space top and bottom to allow the plate to slide.

Hymer Nova 580 2016 and VW Touareg 2009 SE

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We jam it open with our clothes bag.   The vertical adjustment on the hangers is very limited.  About 3mm if I remember  correctly.   One day I will get around to fitting a latch.  

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I'm thinking of replacing the latch mechanism with a strong magnet.


The latch is just that - there is no lock on the toilet/shower door - so anything to hold it closed should do.


When I get a Round Tuit, of course.


Hymer Nova 580 2016 and VW Touareg 2009 SE

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