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2015 Valencia owners - Alde water supply help please!

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I'm a total lone female newbie to caravans, my ex having done everything to do with the van. Got the can on Saturday. Son helped me with advice on towing,  unhitched me at campsite and then left me to it.


The salesman told me the first thing to do was push the yellow lever down under the berth near the sink. I then filled the aquaroll and heard the pump working when I switched it on on the control panel by the door.


I left time for water to fill the tank and noted it was nearly empty, so water was going somewhere. I opened the sink tap and there was a splutter. I opened the washroom and shower taps, ditto. Then nothing.


I kept the taps open and swivelled them round hot to cold but nothing - no water coming out. I closed the taps and opened them again, no luck. I you tubed, googled and consulted the Bailey manual without luck. 


The heating was fine and as it was only an overnight stay, I filled a 5 litre water container for my needs. I kept trying the taps throughout the evening without success.


One thing I didn't do was to put the gas on as I as on electric hook up and didn't plan on doing any cooking. Does the Alde system need to run on gas?


I phoned the dealership when I got home but they seemed puzzled asking me things like is there another water tank somewhere. They suggested I ring them when on site again.


I find this all frustrating and maybe in my mid sixties I shouldn't be taking this on on my own, but I enjoyed my 10 years of caravanning so much I wanted to recreate it.


Is there something I didn't do i.e. put the gas on etc? What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated.

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Hi Happy Daze,

Here's the 2015 Bailey YouTube video which takes you through the steps to take setting up your caravan.  Good luck with your caravan and I hope you find the video helpful.




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It sounds like you may have had an air lock. When you set up the water make sure that you drop the blue pipe into the Aquaroll before you connect it to the caravan. Gas supply is not needed to make the water flow.

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Just to clarify - the yellow lever under the bunk is the drain cock for the hot water held in the Alde boiler that will go to the taps.  If a van is stored in winter it is a good idea to open this drain so that the hot water system does no freeze.  With the lever (which is in a crazy place) is vertical the drain is open and horizontal when in use.  So when you first connect up the system has to be filled from the aqualroll 15-20 litres and then the pump should shut off.  I always fill with the kitchen tap open to shift the air and let you know when it is full.  Turn the tap off and the pump should stop after a few seconds.  When you turn the bathroom tap/shower after a fill you will get a bit of spitting whilst the air is cleared.  Hope that helps.

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From the start let’s assume your hot water tank is empty.  Pump switch off. 


make sure the yellow drain down tap is horizontal.   Fill the aqua roll and put the pump into it. Give it a wiggle to get rid of any air locks and then connect to caravan, don’t forget to fold the flap down to trap the inlet in the van side.  Go into van and open the kitchen tap on hot fully.  Now switch on the pump.  No water will come out of the tap until the hot water tank is full. It will gurgle and splutter and takes a while to fill.  Once full water will flow out of the tap.  Close that tap and open the others one at a time to get rid of the air in the pipes.  You cannot. Fill the hot tank unless you. Open a hot tap.  As the water goes in it must let the air out.  Yes the Alde will work on electric alone. But you have three powers on the control panel. I.e.  1,2,3 kw and you have the ability to run it on gas only as well or any combination. Electric plus gas.  Follow the instructions in the book and it becomes much clearer. Or just find another van on site with Alde and ask. We’ve all done it. 

Kia KX 3 auto / Bailey Alicanto Grande Estoril and Swift Challenger 570 (2010 model Not towed - used as a static)

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