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85a Battery


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How long is a piece of string ?


It depends on -


How old the battery is,


How much use it has seen in its life,


Whether there is a constant drain i. e. an alarm system,


The temperature around the battery,


The predominant method of charging (car/van charger/external charger)



At a guess, based on experience, it is likely that the battery will be down at 50-70% charge after 3 months, and less than 30% after 6 months. But there are a lot of variables.


I take the battery out of the van over winter.

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I have taken my battery out of the van and put it on a wooden shelf in the garage. Every other month or so i plug it into a battery charger. Somebody reckoned you shouldn't put it on a concrete floor. Is that to make it less likely that it will freeze?

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Guest Hobbybod

Funny you should ask this just now, as I've got one of my two 85Ah batteries charged up in the kitchen, in it's wonderful old (brown) TP2 charger box.


I now have my 'van in storage and so I can't keep the 'van batteries charged up on mains.

Until last week, they had been fine, left off-charge for up to 2 months; still enough to drive the Reich motor mover to get the 'van out of its bay and hook up.


However, when I went over last week to see about wiring up the batteries to a solar panel, I found they were as flat as the proverbial flat thing, eerh pancake!


I think I may have left the radio on in the caravan, thus depleting the batteries; I hope it's that, otherwise I've got a 'problem'! Just about to go over to the 'van to check!


If you ever get the chance of buying an old, brown TP2 charger-'box', get it. I've had mine for nearly 25years and it's been great. Why Labcraft don't make them any more I can't fathom! Beware of the newer grey-box ones, with LED's, as they were prone to going phut.

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I read somewhere that you should re-charge your battery every two months when your van is laid up over winter and the reason for not putting it on a concrete floor is that it can discharge faster than normal



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A few years ago I had boat with a 15hp engine,I went back to a caravan and I did`n use the boat for 8 months,the battery had enough power to start the engine first time,but the battery was only 12 months old



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