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Thinking of getting a TV for my caravan.  If I were to get one of the most modern Avtex TVs and plugged it into the caravan aerial (so no roku/fire stick or MiFi etc) what channels would I potentially be able to receive?


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This will depend on location and the transmitter(s) being received.


Some will have about 108 Standard Definition plus 15 High Definition channels plus radio services.  (9 multiplex reception e.g. from Crystal Palace).


Others will have fewer (6 multiplex sites), giving 90 SD and 6 HD channels.


Pretty much every location will get the three Public Service Broadcaster multiplex reception.  That provides about 21 Standard Definition and 6 High Definition TV channels, plus some BBC radio stations. 


{Precise numbers and channels vary with location within the UK. Scotland, Wales and NI especially for TV and radio services.}


http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/coveragechecker/ will in 'Consumer View' list the channels received.  'Detailed View' gives more technical information about the prediction and transmitter.


Unless needing 12V for off-grid viewing and/or the ability to have both Freeview and a satellite tuner in the set, I'd save money and buy any decent branded small mains TV for a caravan.  Avtex seem over-priced and over-specced to me for mains use on UHF TV aerial only.  Audition them for picture viewing angle and sound quality before buying!



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Camping being the hobby it is can lead to being pitched in some TV-wise remote areas so getting viable terrestrial signals a challenge too far.

With that in mind, I would recommend you seek a TV with a built in satellite decoder.


Here in the UK only a small dish is adequate, and if opting for a free standing one you can move around your pitch, then there will be few other than very wooded sites where you can't get a signal.

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