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Dometic 7551 ignition

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My fridge ignition was not always lighting as it should.  With the lower panel off I could see that the spark was sometimes jumping across out of the side of the porcelain insulator instead of the tip (which is out of sight).   I'm thinking it needs replacing but it all looks pretty rusty down there!  I'm fine with taking the fridge out (done it a few times before to fit new connectors to the control unit!) but I just wondered if anyone has any tips?   


Also, it did also go out during a perfectly still night and then not auto-relight light.   In the morning no amount of fiddling would get it to light although it did still do its slightly erratic ticking.   I'm thinking it may also need a thermocouple.  I'm pretty handy with a meter and spent 46 years as a mechanic so I'd quite like to fix it myself.  Has anyone else done these jobs?     

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