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The road toad

Just use your mobile as a hotspot

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We have a 4G aerial on the roof of the caravan, the same as the picture earlier in the thread. It is connected to a MiFi with a '3' sim card in it. We have had 4g connections at almost every campsite we have been on in the UK, France, Spain and currently in Portugal. I have almost given up on site WiFi as we get better performance from the MiFi. BTW my phone is on the O2 network (Tesco) and very often has little signal when the MiFi is working fine. I have been very impressed with the signal in France and Spain as I wasn't expecting it to be good. Better than a lot of the UK!

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I only asked the question because I have an iPhone with a  Vodaphone  SIM and my wife’s has a Virgin SIM and between us we have nearly 20GB, unlimited minutes and messages for £22.00 per month and have never been ‘unconnected’ during our travels around Britain and Europe. We also use an iPad via one of the phones hotspots. 

I just can’t see why people spend money on Extra gadgets, after all the internet connection is what it is depending on location and no matter what gizmo you buy you ain’t gonna make it stronger. 

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On 18/09/2019 at 21:49, Borussia 1900 said:

If I go down the road into the Netherlands (20 minutes away) Free Public WiFi is everywhere, it isn’t here.

If I want to renew a UK passport (even here outside the UK) it’s a simple 5 minute online procedure and in just 1 week I have it, if I want to do the same here I have to physically go to an official office, queue up for ages,  wait for at least 3 weeks etc

The process of applying for citizenship was an absolute admin nightmare, from one office to the next, this test, that test, took me exactly 1 year, cost a small fortune and I’ve been living and paying tax here for years.

If I’m sat in Borussia Park with 54,000 others the network can’t cope and my phone won’t work.

Drive outside of the major urban areas and your phone won’t work.

Its like the UK 20 years ago

I’ve lived in Germany for 31 years so I think I’m reasonably qualified to pass judgment 


Must agree regarding German phone/broadband technology and speed.

In my 30 years experience of German hardware routers cable and mobile networks Germany is several years behind us.

My pals Berlin phone/modem/cable fail on a regular basis.

Last time I helped buy a lap top in a big Berlin retailer it was still selling lap tops with out of date windows software.

When our Berlin broadband goes faulty it’s not just a Virgin phone call to book an engineer it takes weeks to get it put right.

Love that phone joke

West Berliner boasts to East Berliner about his phone repair speed.

East Berliner replies “comrade my phone repair man appears before I know it’s broken”

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