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I have an 185 Avtex TV and find that it's very difficult to see during the day without drawing the blinds. Does anybody have any recommendations to eliminate the glare on the screen.

Thank you

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Our first Avtex that we bought in 2015 had this issue and no matter what we tried, we could not resolve the issue.  We returned it to the dealer and they changed it for an Avtex that had just come on the market and had the anti glare.  Not sure how you can get around this unless the TV is brand new, but why don't you contact Avtex direct and speak with them as they are very helpful.  Their offices are in Cardiff.

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etc.,.  Not used any personally.


The 'draw the blinds' option is the one we use.  Even at home, as the TV is set to brightness/contrast for night time viewing.

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Thank you gents, I have ordered the 3M anti glare screen film.

Expensive at £34.50 but if it solves the problem; which by all accounts it does, it will be worth the money.


Many Thanks

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