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Battery drain on a 2015 VIP 545/4

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Hi , I recently purchased my first caravan, a 2015  VIP 545/4, which is sitting in the storage yard for 4 -6 weeks at a time. I was fully expecting the solar panel to maintain the battery charge, but that's not the case. there is a continual drain, in fact it almost lost all power, hopefully it can be saved, I've removed it and have to recharge it, which it seems to be working, but it does lose 0.02v per day just sitting on the workbench 

Regarding the solar panel wiring set up, should the battery wires be connected directly from the regulator to the battery itself?,  in the current set up it looks like the main power and the motor mover are the only two cables connected to the battery 

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I think you probably have an 80W roof mounted panel through a Solar Technology International branded solar voltage regulator.  This set up on our 2014 model always kept our battery fully charged whilst in storage over winter.  In fact we never use the onboard mains charger.  The regulator battery connections were spliced into the positive and negative cables from the battery under the the plastic cover behind the power distribution unit (fuse box) rather than directly to the battery, which is fine.  You may have a fuse in the +ve cable from the regulator to the battery cable.  (Ours was dealer fitted and no fuse was fitted, contrary to the manufacturers instructions and correct practice, until I installed one).  There are a number of reports of those regulators failing and I later replaced ours with a better model.  This year our battery no longer held charge effectively and I replaced it - but the original 80W panel still pushes out 80W to charge the battery on a good day.


So you may want to check the input and output voltages at the regulator to see if the regulator is working.  Check the fuse from the regulator to the battery cable (if one is fitted as there should be).  Otherwise, maybe the battery is not as good as it once was.


There is a small continual drain from permanent supply to the main panel, fridge, alarm and its internal backup battery.  This has never been a problem for us with the 80W panel.  Make sure the fridge is off.  People have also mentioned that the tracker, if fitted, has caused excessive drain (not experienced that problem with ours), and if you accidentally leave the main master switch on there is an additional drain from energised relays in the power distribution unit and the radio that doesn't help matters - made considerably worse if the radio display is not disabled when off by setting it to eco mode.


Hope that helps.



2014 Coachman Pastiche 520/4 | 2013 Freelander 2 HSE

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Just found this thread so a bit late replying!

Had a similar problem with my 2016 Pastiche 520. I traced it by putting a multimeter measuring amps in series with the battery lead, leaving everything switched off then removing each fuse in turn until I found one that cut any current draw. It turned out to be one labelled 'fridge ignition'. With that in circuit it was drawing 100mA which over just a few days would drain the battery.

I now take this out when we're on storage. Perhaps someone else can explain why this happens and perhaps a better remedy but it worked for us 

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