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Hi guys

me and my wife have just bought our 1st caravan Bailey pageant series 5 burgundy

We’re having a few issues with the battery not charging whilst being on the EHU.


Iv bought a new leisure battery as I thought the old one was dead

the 12v stuff only works when both the EHU and battery were hooked up.


The battery has now run out after 3 days as the volt indicator is not showing any V

iv replaced all of the fuses on the circuit board and Still no joy


is the battery charger faulty or is there an inline fuse I have missed ?


im going back to the van this weekend I didn’t have my multimeter with me


thanks for any help 






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There is normally an inline fuse, often hidden under the battery box.

The charger could well be dead, but it might just be the mains lead fallen out.

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If you are competent......


A very useful tool here is a Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver. Due to its shape and the fact that it has a LED light it makes life easy.


The power box is mounted on a board usually held by three screws, two on the back into a vertical side member and one on the back bottom edge screwed into the floor. Remove all three and lean the board backwards.

There are four screws in the recess around the breakers - remove these. The case is held to the board by four more screws holding small feet on the upper and lower edges of the side panels - remove these as well. The front of the power box should now lift off.


First seek out the in-line fuse in the cable harness at the bottom of the box and check it for continuity. Replace if failed.


The power supply unit is the metal case in the top. First off has the kettle plug fallen out or become disturbed? Vibration during towing  is the enemy! If it has push it firmly back and, making sure everything is safe, try it out and see if it works.


If not, next remove the PSU by disconnecting the kettle cable and the white connector on the 12V output of the unit, then pull it out - it is not screwed in. Using a spare kettle cable power the unit up and check for about 13.6-13.8V on the output connector. If there is no reading the unit is stuffed. If it does read the correct voltage then put it back where it lives and measure the voltage on the output connector with it wired up. You should see the battery voltage there with the mains off, and about 13.6V with the mains on. If you have some zip ties you can series them up and use them to hold the kettle plug in place. Note that there is a plastic spigot in the front case moulding which is supposed to push against the plug - make sure your ties don't foul it.


Finally put the whole lot back together. If you have found a fault then you know how to fix it: if you haven't then try  it all again and if it still doesn't work get someone to fix it for you, dealer or mobile tech.



2018 Passat B8 Estate 150GT TDi150 towing a 2018 Bailey Unicorn S4 Seville

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