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How do a clean my awning as the rear of the awning cloth part is maukit oops very dirty with the trees at the back.

Is there any easy way to get it clean again.

Next problem I noticed tonight that my waste master was leaking from the top

It was pretty full but just wanted to know if that's a common problem.

It's only approx 18 months old.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

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Isabella Isaclean with lots of cool water to rinse is really good at shifting general dirt. If you have a problem with sticky sap hot soapy water works well. You’ll probably have to reproof again. I use Isatex applied from the inside so it wicks through to the outside. (Personal choice, seems to be very effective so don’t shoot me till you try it). 

Good luck. 

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3 minutes ago, chrishconnolly said:

Any ideas on the wastemaster problem

When full they can leak from the filler caps. If not leaking there, look for a hole/crack and perhaps plastic weld it.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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There is a Dan Trudgian video on You tube recommending Isaclean.  

Check for any muck around the wastemaster filler cap stopping a decent seal.  I am not sure how watertight the caps are designed to be anyway.


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Hitchman caps can be 100% water tight.  There's a big rubber o-ring inside.  The same style of cap is used on their fresh water and waste water units.


Sometimes they can leak if the threads and/or lip and/or sealing ring get damaged, distorted or dirt in to prevent a good seal.  Or simply not tightened up enough!  I find an occasional smear of silicon grease on o-ring and threads can help with both 'problems'. 


The one on the side of my 40 litre water barrel is the one I have found to be most prone to me not tightening enough to seal.  I seldom use it any more (seemed a good idea to fill it while connected to the handle at one time).


I've had one over the years where the black cap split (likely had been abused / hit / dropped).  But that was obvious as the split got bigger as I tightened the cap down.

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