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Aquaflow fitting on the exterior of caravan


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I’ve just purchased a caravan for a festival that I’m going to this week we’ve made many great modifications to it however now we are trying to get the water working. Looking at the water out there is a Inlet called Aqua flow on the outside of the caravan does anyone know what we’ll need for this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello, I did see that post however, we don’t have the pump that fits into that. 


We have just bought a ‘whale’ dc pump but it doesn’t seem to be working so not sure what we are doing wrong.

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Hi Thebaldegg, please send me the best number to get you on in a private message and I will get one of our team to give you a call back. Alternatively, at your own convenience, contact our Customer Support Team who will do all they can to assist you. Contact details below.

Tel: 0345 9090 911 Email: info@whalepumps.com
Kind regards, Rachel

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That's to fill the on board water tank, you should also have a connector for an external water tank (aquaroll etc)/ the two small holes are an electrical plug socket, dip the pump in w container of water, put the outlet in the hole, plug it in and hey presto. You can of course fill the tank up with a hose., or use the external tank.


Annoyingly I got rid of my van last week with one of those in it, I could have taken it as the dealer didn't want it but had no use for it on my new van so left it in.


Edit: this is the pump https://www.caravanaccessoryshop.co.uk/product/whale-superfill-gp80-submersible-pump-kit/862

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