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Camping Travel Club Silver & Gold Cards

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Does anybody know what has happened to Camping Travel Club Silver & Gold Cards and if they can be topped up or what and if there is an alternative method to use.

I am due to visit a site in September and they only except Camping Travel Cards.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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You may find a camp site which accepts existing  credits on your card, or you may not,  but no further top ups are possible.  The scheme has died. The alternative is to pay with money.

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You can't top them up - you can only spend what is on your card already, and that's only until the end of 2019.  After that they will 'be no more'.  A sad end to what started as such a great idea.  We've been using Camping Cheques since they started, and they took us to sites which would otherwise be beyond our budget.    Fortunately we saw the writing on the wall and used up our last cheques a year or two ago - once we realised that sites we wanted to stay on were refusing to accept them even though they were still in the guide.


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