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Toilet modification for a disabled person

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Hi all, 

I’m not new to caravanning but I am new to caravanning with disabilities.

has anyone used household toilet frames &/or freestanding rails on a Thetford toilet? I don’t want to fix anything permanently to the van as it’s so new.

Any help is most welcome.

thanks all xx

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When I had my Hip Replacement the hospital provided me (on loan) a higher seat and a support frame. I can't see why such kit couldn't be used with a caravan toilet. If you have a Red Cross depot near you they often hire out such things which might be the way to go initially just to check it all fits OK.



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You can purchase a seat raiser .



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Thank you all will try to find out if the thetforod seat fits ours, if not will see where my local Red Cross is.

thanks again all xx

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On 16/08/2019 at 08:03, CommanderDave said:


Spoke to my local dealer today to find out if it would fit our toilet and was informed after she checked it out that these won’t fit the new C260  toilets and they haven’t made one that does yet!! Oh well back to the drawing board.


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This is my adapted seat. It is an adjustable hight and width frame from amazon and an £8.00 seat from Argos. I cut the arms off the frame and also made it a bit narrower.  i used m12 rawl bolts inside the legs to fasten the aluminium sheet to the frame,then positioned the seat , drilled a hole and used a jig saw to cut out the coresponding hole  having used the seat with the lid open as a template. Frame from Amazon ..20190923_205304.jpg

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