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Green rocker switch electrolux RM4270

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Hi Everybody , my friend borrowed my caravan at the weekend and while leaving it back noted that the green switch had fallen apart . He took it out and went and got a replacement in an household electrical store. 

Problem is I'm handed a new non illuminated green rocker switch , and am looking at 4 spade and connections and not a clue .

Back of switch I'm looking at the top two terminals blank , the middle two terminals L numbered  2 the right middle terminal numbered 5 the bottom two terminals L numbered 1 and right one numbered  4 .

I'm looking at black spade end coming from brown wire mains plug . Another black spade end coming from blue mains wire.. A black spade end coming from thermo control knob and finally a brown spade end that seems to come from a bright red cable .

Can anybody please help me to connect the new switch correctly .


Thank you in advance 

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