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Accessing roof light


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I recently replaced the washroom rooflight at the back of my 1999 Avondale Dart after it disappeared on the way to the New Forest the other week, the clear 'window' part cleanly detached from the struts even though it was shut. I am thinking of pre-emptively replacing the main one in the centre of the roof but don't know how to access it. I can't reach from my ladder and I doubt the roof would take my weight. Other people must have done this (or other work on hard to reach parts of the roof.) How did you reach the area please?

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Can you post a photo of what your rooflight looks like?

As Pickled Onion said, most of the work (if not all ) can be done from the inside.

There may be covers that clip into the frame and hide the screws that connect the outer and inner pieces together and to the van roof.

On my Lunar, I slid the roof light as far forward as I could after disconnecting the support struts, and using a step ladder removed the outer frame to re-seal it.

You may need to allow a fair bit of time for this as the sealant is usually non setting!

I used little plastic wedges to hold the 2 surfaces apart after I had gently lifted one edge and used an old hitched knife to cut through the sealant.

White Spirits on a cloth is your friend! 

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