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Abbey Spectrum 540 2003 Power sockets


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Just joined the forum and was trying to post this in general chat but can't figure out how, hopefully someone will see it and move it :-)

We have just bought an Abbey Spectrum 540 2003 four berth caravan. We can only find two plug sockets in it, one on the dressing table and one by the oven.

Looking at the wiring diagram there should be more but I can't find them anywhere! The fridge and oven are hardwired in so it's not there.

Grateful if anyone can tell us if there are more hidden somewhere we just haven't found! I would like to find one up the living area end!

Thanks in advance,


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This https://www.pirancaravansales.co.uk/240-abbey-spectrum-540 is your cravan with photos at bottom and a link to the 2003 brochure https://www.pirancaravansales.co.uk/images/pdf/2003_Abbey_Brochure.pdf .  It mentions four mains sockets.  #1 is an external socket behind a flap/cover.


Others will be:

#2) By the TV outlet (along with a 12V socket) - in the pictures there is a microwave oven in the two-sided tambour door intended for the TV.

#3 is the one in the Kitchen and 

#4 the one in the bedroom by the dressing table


So I think you've found them all?


You'll need to add extras near the lounge chest of drawers.  The external mains socket is an obvious source of a suitable supply to tap into?


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That's great, thank you! I've now found the one you mentioned in the tv cupboard by the bed, I'd shoved a load of stuff in there without looking. So that would be four inc. the external, you're right.

Seems daft to not have any at the living end but sure we can fit some in from the nearest one as you suggest.

Thanks so much for your help!

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