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Replacement fly screen for roof light?

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Hi all, 

I have an older caravan and it has one main roof light (I don't know what model it is) and I'm wondering if anybody knows the model, and if its possible to get a replacement fly screen? 

I've attached some pics - it's pretty old and has gaps at the edges. 

Thanks all. 



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If you are halfway handy with a few simple tools, you can replace the fly-screen yourself.

I did them in my Bailey vans, using a white mesh material I got from "The fly-screen Queen".

The material I bought was slightly heavier, more durable and the end result was that it didn't pop out of the tracks at the edges, even when gusts of wind blew through the van.

- It was some sort of fibreglass-based fabric.

Worth a look:


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Thanks wozzer

That's a great idea! 

How did you attach them to the little bar you pull across? 

Glue? Or did you stitch /sew them? 

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