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Must be me then as I have yet to meet an unfriendly cc warden. Mind you I have only been caravanning for 38 years so I suppose there is time yet!

In my experience the CMC file those sort of letters in the shredder.  We had an exit barrier drop down onto our caravan leaving the Cragie Gardens site in Ayr many years ago. I had used the exit barri

David in Cheshire says "happy campers" are less likely to post critical reviews and many of the criticisms are ill founded, but still insists on stating that "it paints a picture of a regime that woul

By and large staff on club sites are fine and do a great job.  They certainly have a lot to put up with from a minority of clients.  

Unfortunately it's the odd warden with an unfortunate attitude that one tends to remember.  Quite why they choose to do the job I don't know.


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All the ones I’ve encountered have been great, but I was wondering today what the job is actually like. Must be a bit strange working at a place where people are on holiday, and where I would also want to be relaxing and enjoying my van.

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All the CMC wardens I've encountered have been excellent too. 


I noticed one adding gravel to pitch edges at Ayr Craigie Gardens on Monday afternoon and yesterday a warden at Kendal was tidying the pitch/tarmac edges. There must be a thing about prepping the sites for August Bank Holiday, or maybe after so much rain the gravel had washed away.

I've got nothing to do on this hot afternoon

but to settle down and write you a line.

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16 minutes ago, moorgate said:

I always wonder how many wardens ever go on to run their own independent site,  and what changes they would make if they did. 


Couple of families  I knew were only doing it as a pension booster and retired when they reached the relevant time...don't think either of them would have gone on to start their own business.



Kia Sorento KX-1 CRDI 4WD towing an Elddis Affinity 530

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On 04/08/2019 at 11:55, Cheltenham Caravanner said:

Unless you actually own a site I can't see why anyone would want to be a warden.

It's a pretty thankless task - putting up with other people's mess, moans and  demands.

I am full of admiration for those who choose to do it and in my experience the vast majority do it cheerfully and well.

Hi a bit off topic I'm afraid but anyway. After we retired early my wife and I always fancied being site wardens so for the first two seasons into our retirement that is what we did. Firstly on a Forest holidays site in Ardgartan near Arrochar in Scotland and the following year on the wonderful Herding Hill campsite at Haltwhistle on Hadrian Wall. We thoroughly enjoyed our life on the campsite but it was very hard work. I guess the best thing about it was the campers. The overwhelming majority were lovely I guess being on holiday would do that. The comments posted tend to be a bit negative etc but to be fair we found that if you were pleasant with the guests they would be pleasant to you. As for the notion that they should be called anything that suggests they only show folks to their pitch clearly people haven't been watching what they do, honestly I could write a book but how about tending the grounds, cleaning the toilets, looking after the shop or cafe or takeaway, being tour advisers for walks pubs dog friendly anything, bus timetables etc. This is not a winge as I said we thoroughly enjoyed it but it is far more than booking folks onto a pitch. Oh at Ardgartan we also had fifteen log cabins to maintain all with hot tubs.

Anyway I have the greatest respect for wardens wherever they are.

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I like the grumpy wardens, they make me chuckle. But I fail to see why one would spoil someones holiday. Folk write reviews of campsites and often state they had a 'warm welcome from the wardens'. As nice as that might be, I couldn't care less if the wardens were grumpy or not, or what the welcome was like. I can get on with my holiday regardless.


I had a lengthy chat once with one warden at Freshwater site in Pembroke, about the life of a warden. When I see them on their ride on mowers I want to become a warden. But then I see them cleaning the toilets and I change my mind. Though some sites I've noticed have outside cleaners that do the toilets. 

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