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We wish to relocate to UK main land

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Ideal Park

We are pensioners & own a 1 year old Willerby Sheraton (2018) currently sited in Northern Ireland.

We wish to relocate to UK main land & are open to decent places where we can live.

Can anyone suggest a good residential park.


Not to congested.

With some social amenities.

Within 10-15 miles from a hospital.

Near shops & restaurants.

Bus stop would be nice although we do have a car.


Would appreciate any help.





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Hello and welcome.

In order to live on a residential park, you will need to purchase an already sited residential park home, either directly from the park owners or from the existing owners.

You will not find a licensed residential park that will allow bring-ons.

If you want to look at residential sites, then the website parkhome-living.co.uk has information and lists of licensed residential sites, it also has a forum for residential park home owners.

There are some holiday sites which allow bring-ons, but you will not be able to live there, regardless of what some people may say - there are numerous reports of people who tried and then either the site management changed, or the local council started enforcing the site licence, and people ended up losing prettymuch everything.

There are lots of places around the mainland that would fit the criteria you ask for, so your best bet will be to research whereabouts you want to live, then look at all properties for sale (not just park homes) but sadly it seems that your holiday static may have to be sold.

Good luck.

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11 hours ago, AJGalaxy2012 said:

The Elms at Torksey lock, Lincoln if youre looking to move into already sited homes, really nice, great place.



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