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I recently bought a Bailey Unicorn Seville (20 17) which is a lovely van.  However while travelling and at the end of each journey, we find a small pool of anti freeze has spilt from the central heating (Aldi) tank in the wardrobe. Anyone knows what could be the cause of this. If its a small job I don't want to travel 140 miles to the dealer to sort it out.  Many thanks for any help.

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On 13/07/2019 at 07:51, Lost in the wilderness said:

We had this. The filling cap was not tightened properly. 

Its amazing how far a tiny amount of the fluid will go, and it takes forever to clean up

I also had this happen, couldn't find a fault but removing the cap & re-fitting it several times finally cured it. I'm still none the wiser LOL.

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OK - thanks for your suggestions. I have opened the cap and replaced it. I will be off 2nd week of August - chance to test it!!!

Many thanks


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