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Great CL but

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Had a long weekend away and was thinking of what write up the CL could have. It would not be a great write up but we had the best pitch and so it was brilliant.


Depth of CL, about 12ft more then your car and caravan length

3ft 6 wire and wooden post fence at edge of CL

Traffic noise.

High hedge next to caravans so no view in that direction


Not a great write up but with the end pitch we had  almost 180 degree view of hills and fields, eye candy

At times we could not hear the traffic particularly and night it seemed to disappear but even during the day there were times when it was quiet.

Footpaths direct form CL

Grass pitch and apart from a slope front to back seemed quite flat

Alas you cant pre book the exact pitch.

We have been lucky at this CL more often then not got the end pitch or not had another caravan on both sides of us.


This weekend there were 5 vans and pitches 2, 3 and 4 seemed close together.  Pitch 1, their van had not even got as far as the pitch marker and as we were the other end we had gone beyond our marker so between 1 and 2 and 4 and 5 there was a decent gap. Felt sorry for the others but then that's based on my judgement of a decent gap.


We had a brilliant long weekend but feel the pitch made for a large part of the enjoyment.


 CL is Doghouse Farm, Chideock


Another CL we go to, we only go if we can get onto a certain pitch and that CL allows pitches to be booked




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If I may suggest going to HERE and then entering your review under Campsites reviews.;)


Please use specifically named forums where possible in preference to Caravan Chat as this make it easier for members browsing a topic.


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