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Too cramped .. no space

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On 12/07/2019 at 09:23, Black Grouse said:


I find it useful to check the size of a CL in acres, given in handbook and on website - 1/4 ac is simply too small for 5 vans - 1/2 ac is "compact" - I use 3/4 ac as my normal minimum.


By comparison, the Caravan Club gets 16 vans/acre on their club sites - that's why they feel so cramped.

Thats a usefull tip.b ut we do use the google apps too. Moreso for narrow roads in

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There is a CL 5 minutes walk away.


I have walked past the site the OP refers to, and there is no way on gods earth I'd stay there.

You walk from the CL through the grounds of the site to get to the beach.



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