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Holiday insurance after heart attack

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7 hours ago, Tintaglia said:

Thanks. :)  I knew about the motor insurance side.  I have a normal car license.  You do have to notify DVLC if you have a pacemaker fitted rather than just stents though.  It's all new territory to me and quite a shock.  I thought I was invincible!  :unsure:


My experience is that "good" car insurers don't increase the premium unless DVLA impose restrictions, cheap insurers probably would want more money - you must inform your insurer of the events though.

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12 hours ago, macafee2 said:

The op's post seems to contradict that train of thought as they have posted here and not asked their insurance company :)



Of course I am talking to insurers!  However I can find out valuable information from experienced forum members (the more sensible ones at least!) which the insurers won't necessarily remember tell me when they are selling me a product.  My other reason for posting was to remind people how easy it is to mistake a heart attack for something else with possibly deadly results.


I must end here, my blood pressure is in danger of rising! :P


Thanks all for your tips. :Thankyou:

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I have had a 'metal' aorta valve for 32 years , my holiday insurance is via Camping & caravanning club/Intana.

They have been brilliant over the years.A' multi-trip' ins. has been better - if you holiday often in the same year.

Car insurance ask ' DVLA informed?  no problem.'

I have ,of course , been on warfarin ever since.

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