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ALDE automatic bleed valve leaking

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Hi there,


It looks like the dripping from our black rubber drain tube for the automatic bleed valve is due to it not closing properly or the valve has failed.  We towed home from Norfolk to West Sussex just over a week ago and when unhitching and putting the caravan on our drive we noticed the pink antifreeze liquid was dripping out from the black rubber tube underneath the caravan above where the boiler is located.


I spoke to Alde on Monday who suggested I gently tap the valve with a rubber mantle which I did and it looked like this had sorted it, however when I topped up the header tank in the wardrobe today with ALDE premixed pink fluid to get it just about Min level it started to drip out of the black rubber drain tube again.  I have temporarily but a small plastic bung from an old air bed in the tube to stop losing antifreeze from the system.


For information our fluid was changed in Nov 2017 to the point in 5 year fluid.


I have emailed a local mobile service engineer who is a certified agent on ALDE's list and hope they get back to me tomorrow?


In the meantime I wanted advice that if we go away this coming weekend as planned, leave the bung in the black rubber tube underneath the caravan and ONLY use the hot and cold water system then I am assuming this will be OK? The weather looks OK next weekend and quite warm but I was contemplating cancelling as it only a local trip but thought I'd ask advice of you lovely folk on this very helpful forum. 😊 






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