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hi. I've just set the bunk beds up for the first time but noticed there is no edge protection on the side that's come with it to stop you from rolling off. can anyone recommend where's best to buy a rail from. thanks 

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Get a piece of PSE timber of suitable length, not thick, and about 9" wide. Sand it down with <very> fine paper to make it smooth and rub the edges off.  Put a couple of coats of polyurethane varnish on it to help with wear.

Get some  drop-on fixings like these Fixings and put a pair or more on the bunk edge and the other halves on the timber, very carefully aligned of course to make sure they meet up! Then just drop the edge into place. Just make sure not to put pressure on it whilst getting into the bunk, or if it is for a child fit the bar after the child is in bed.


We had a pair of domestic bunks for our children when they were young and the upper bunk had this bar in place for well over 5 years!


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