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Thetford not working. No pink fluid rinse!!!

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Hmmm....  Thetford flush tank capacity 8 litres lasts for a lot of 'flushes'.  Household toilet, 6 litres per flush.  Not comparing (quail) eggs with (ostrich) eggs are we, cleaning/dilution-wise?


The additive is part detergent/surfactant to let the solution cling/clean the bowl better, the colour for looks and a scent for - well because they can.  Thetford suggest a short 'squirt' of the pink for lubrication of what is being deposited.  I use the Elsan Double-strength pink 'cos I got free 2 litre bottles with the Double Blue I bought.   15-20 ml per 8 l tankful, it's lasting forever.


SWMBO would happily plonk something in our home toilet cisterns if she could open the panels, as we use harvested rainwater to flush them and its sometimes a bit 'grubby looking'.

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