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Replacing A frame fairing

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I am replacing the broken A frame fairing on my 2010 Avante 2 berth with a good second hand one. I note it is advised to strengthen the fairing around the fixing holes as this is where they typically fail. Certainly that is the case with mine (although it has also sustained side  damage from the jockey wheel). Two questions:-


1. Any advice as to suitable means of strenthening?  E.g. just gaffa tape on the inside or glued thin plastic sheet?

2. I note that the present fairing is fixed with rivets which I will have to drill out. Would there be any particular disadvantage in using suitable size bolts instead of rivets to fix the replacement fairing?


Any advice gratefully received





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Thin plastic sheet or even thin sheet aluminium (available from Wickes/Screwfix etc) would be stronger than duck tape. I used thin aluminium strip fixed with double sided trim tape to strengthen the A Frame fairing on a previous caravan - worked perfectly.

If i was reaffixing it I would use stainless steel small nyloc nuts and bolts + a washer either side - again as I did on the previous caravan. Screwfix sell packs of s/s machine bolts with domed heads to accept a hex bit - these look very neat in size M4 or 5 - they also sell the s/s nyloc nuts and washers required for not much money.

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These fairings are ridiculously thin and mine was cracked and had pieces missing, especially around the jockey wheel king-pin recess.  I took it off and rebuilt the broken areas with 1mm aluminium strips and other shaped pieces pop-riveted in place, although this still left gaps. Having done that (and having previoulsy roughened the plastic around these repair areas with sandpaper) I buttered over the aluminium areas and gaps (both front and back) with fibreglass, the type that is resin with glass stands already mixed in (eg Davids Isopon P40).  That left a smooth-ish finish that I must get round to painting one day; it has lasted 2 years so far.


My fairing was attached with rusted self-tapping screws. I replaced them with new zinc-plated ones chosen for having the same thread as before. If I had found pop-rivets I would have replaced with small nuts and bolts like Volvovanner said, for easy future removal.

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I had a similar problem on an d Elddis. I used a fibre glass mat kit to re-informed the paper thin plastic.

These kits are available from Halfords and the like. 


Good luck. 

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Replacing the pop rivets with stainless bolt and nyloc nuts and penny washers makes life easier in the future .  Pop rivets I find cause tension  round the hole to crack the plastic ?




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I replaced by rusty self tappers with stainless ones - they work just fine and don't come loose. I wouldn't use rivets as any unexpected need to access underneath would then be a problem.

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